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Moon in Capricorn: Effective Intentions


There’s a ton of Capricorn energy in the Cosmos right now, and there couldn’t be a more perfect way to honor it than taking some time tonight and tomorrow to set intentions straight during this new moon. I wanted to do one giant article that included multiple influences, but realized it’d be much more effective and Capricorn-ish to break it down into smaller, more focused writing. I promise there’s a method to my madness. Smaller bites are easier to digest, you know?

So as I’ve said, new moons are for setting intentions and planting seeds. What do you want growing in your garden? This is to be answered on a soul level. After last year, the Cosmos aren’t here to play, and it’s time to sober up and settle into the work that is truly meaningful to you, or else the next few years you may find Saturn as a giant buzzkill to your lacking awareness.

To me, Capricorn energy can be extremely powerful if utilized the right way as it’s earth element can ground you into building a highly successful foundation. It’s power is in long term goals and the focus required to see it through. If you’re wondering what direction to turn to in all the aspects of your life, you’ll be wise to know where Capricorn lays in your birth chart. If curiosity finds you, I like this free link to reading your personal birth chart:


However, I’ve done a little of the footwork for you and have listed a general inspiration per your Sun Sign and which house Capricorn falls in.

Aries: Set an intention that synchronizes with your tenth house, or the house of careers. Take time to honor what your soul desires to accomplish in this lifetime. Listen to the theme that drives your day to day decisions, the one that seeks to be recognized by you and by society. Imagine yourself on a stage, accepting an award for doing something exceptional. What are you receiving the award for? Take the answer to heart. Welcome the idea of this ambition, don it’s uniform, and step forward into the role. Do not pass by the opportunity presented to you when it comes. Take methodical steps towards the possibility of actually achieving the recognition you desire.

Taurus: Time to take on those big ideas you’ve been sheepishly avoiding. Have you been projecting and daydreaming lately? If ever there is a time for you to try grounding them into reality it is now. Entertain that your musings could come to fruition with a little stability. Use that innate stubbornness you have to loyally attempt in magic making. Utilize your fellow earth energy to strategize your possibilities. The ninth house governs abstract thinking, so you’ll have to really listen to yourself, Little Bull, as there is no way I can guess what you’ve been daydreaming of. Take a minute and let your mind wander through your dreams. Hook one of them in between your horns and open yourself to the possibility of bringing it out of the Heavens and into your realm of Earthly existence.

Gemini: Have you been holding onto something that really needs letting go? Perhaps it’s going to be painful to do so. Don’t fear the discomfort of new beginnings and shedding of skin. Instead take a minute to visualize a positive future without the “old.” Welcome the joy that could be had with the new space within you. Use a little of the Gemini genius to set out a map on your letting go process. You have a little bit of the occult and clairvoyance on your side this new moon and with Capricorn energy your ability to ground it and manifest is much more possible.

Cancer: Are you surprised the theme best suited for you this new moon has to do with relationships? I’m not either. What have you been considering in the way of long lasting relationships as of late? Is it time to end one, or start one, or honor one better than you have been? Is there a toxic person that you really need to exit your life? Try to relate to the person on your mind and take a minute to see what action you can set forth that would benefit the both of you in the long haul. You’re a healer by nature, use some of that mixed with Capricorn’s ambition to make meaningful moves in your relationships. Encourage bravery into your realm to make it happen.

Leo: Quality not quantity, lion. Where in your daily life can you improve the quality of your application or work? How can you improve the quality of your health? Set forth ways in which you can execute these in your typical enthusiastic fashion. Your energy works well with Capricorn. I’d know because I once had a boss who was a Capricorn and when it comes to work and getting things done it’s really a magical combination. Their confidence to succeed will push you past your deeply hidden doubt. Bring a little of that into your desire to improve the quality of your life. Close your eyes and see the results already accomplished. Relish in it a few moments then toss it to the back of your mind, safe in knowing that you will achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Virgo: Breathe. Enjoy who you are because it truly is a beautiful thing. Reign some of that Capricorn security into your bones. Enjoy all the pleasures in your life and let go of your stresses. Have a little fun, invite a little fling into your reality. Have you been longing for a little play? Can you see it now? Good. Smile and relax, set the intent for it to happen just at the right time, rise and fall with the ebb of the life flow. Synchronicity is so beautiful. This new moon would do you good if you could use that perfectionism to be a little imperfect.

Libra: Go back to your roots, meditate on the patterns of your life, find a theme that nags at you still. Now is the time to recreate some of that Libran balance and work to shed some of those old ways. Take the lessons you’ve learned and change your pace for once. This is one decision you will not have to weigh this year unless you want to experience more regret. Bring it into the home if it hasn’t been feeling like your haven. Look around and see what you don’t need anymore, or what you may be lacking. Emotionally and physically. Meditate a minute on your very foundations, digging the strong roots deeper into the ground, fastening into soul levels. Intend to focus on only the best parts of who you are and the home you’ve built for yourself. Water it, watch it grow.

Scorpio: I know you like to bury things where no one can touch them, or hurt you. It’s more comfortable for you to keep your treasures tucked away. But do you keep others things just as well protected? Perhaps it’s time to stop the wagging tongue and set an intention to treat others the way you like to be treated. Or maybe it’s time to work towards trusting the ones you love most a little more. You’d be surprised how encouraging they could be. If it’s being honest with yourself that is a struggle, maybe set the intent to start journaling. It’s amazing how revealing it can be. The third house has everything to do with communication. Use this New Moon and Capricorns foundational energy to feel secure in trying new ways to communicate, or to stop the negative way you be interacting now.

Sagittarius: I see you, Sag, over there doubting yourself and looking for any way to shuck the responsibility of making yourself feel better. And let me tell you, no amount of money is going to change things if you don’t invest in a self worthy way of obtaining it. Capricorn is practical, no bullshit, no excess. Use that energy to set intentions towards your attitude towards financial wealth and its link to you on a soul level. Set an intention to pick a soul path (I know you already know what that is) and stick to it. Put in the work and watch your world flourish. Let Capricorn ground you for a little longer this time. Imagine yourself in your favorite place, surrounded by your favorite things, doing what you love the very best. Make an entire world out of it. You will be manifesting an entire life to adventure. A world that contains everything you love. Does that sound so confining?

Capricorn: This is your time on such an intense level that anything  you wish to seek, especially about yourself, will come to light. You will find your purpose. If you already have, then it will only become refined and enhanced. I feel like the sky is the limit for you during this time. Think about what it is you want on a personal level, without materialism. Think about the aspects of self that you have never explored or have been too shy to reveal. Open yourself to them. Imagine that you have shared these coveted aspects with others and allow yourself to enjoy the compliments you receive. You are a beautiful soul and it’s time to let yourself shine.

Aquarius: An odd time for an odd sign, isn’t it? Are you feeling like you’ve been a bit of an escapist? The twelfth house is all to do with your subconscious on an internal level, and about places that takes us away on a material plane. How is your mental state? Ill or elevated? This new moon is about grounding deep within your subconscious and perhaps find a foundation to stand on if you’ve been feeling a little shaky. On the other end this could be an opportunity to bring all the soul work you’ve been doing into your material world instead of using it as an escape from it. Find where you are allowing yourself to be taken away from your Now. Set an intention to bring or leave these habits into a physical plane and use it to your benefit, and don’t keep them a secret either. This new moon could be a great way to be successful at allowing a loved one into your secret realms.

Pisces: Perhaps you’ve come to some self realizations in the last year, and they haven’t quite shaken from your day to day thoughts yet. Maybe it’s time to think about how you could put them to good use in a humanitarian sense or in a social group. You have such magical energy, pretty fish, it’s a shame not to share it. Take time to meditate on all that you’ve learned about yourself and see if you can’t ground it into a good cause and contribute in ways only you know how. You’re deep insight in much needed in society and perhaps this will be the year you’re taken seriously. Imagine yourself at your finest degree amongst a community who appreciates you. What are you doing? What are you saying? That will be a good starting point on the direction to swim next.


Remember, our big change, Saturn leaving Sagittarius to return home to Capricorn is in full swing. Making little steps to make it work in your favor now will greatly benefit you in the next few years.  I’ll be tying my next article on Saturn’s affects in with this one to show you how things are already lining up for the near future. Take the reins of your reality, you deserve the chance to create it just as you want.

Mercury Rx and Using Virgo’s Practical Contemplation to Your Advantage

virgo post

I’ve always hesitated to speak and write openly about astrology because it is so dear to me, and not always as dear to others. One of my goals has always been to bring the knowledge from something that sounds silly into a more current and realistic manner. Skeptical about being guided by the tapestry-map God has created? Think of it this way: if the moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides of the ocean, and the human body is also made mostly of water, why would it not also affect us?

Curious? Good. Hear me out.

I thought now was a good time to come out of the astrology closet because the most commonly felt movement is upon us. Mercury Retrograde. It is commonly understood as a time when communication sucks, technology glitches, and any kind of deal you make is not going to end well. If this is all I ever learned about Mercury Retrograde I would think this is a crock of shit, too.

To me, this is a period to step inside yourself and find the power you store there. Daydream, explore what your desires are. Take a break and watch your life instead of controlling it. Watch where and how your relationships need healing, or appreciate how beautiful they’ve become. Check in with yourself and see where you are not allowing free flow. Take the time to figure out new paths and methods. This is not a period of self destruction and bad luck, it’s time to shift yourself out of fear dominated thinking and into one more aligned with love. It’s a time for listening.

So what exactly is Mercury Retrograde? It’s the time in our orbit when we are passing Mercury. It’s a lot like passing a car on the freeway. The planet is not literally going backwards, it only seems that way because we are passing it. It slows down, intensifies. Forward movement seems to be inaccessible. Which is why it is encouraged to slow down with the planet that is symbolized as “The Messenger.” And it slowing in the sign of Virgo, our organized, practical, perfection driven, type-A sign, means time to reassess and recalculate. I know, I know. More logic, less magical bullshit. Just give me this paragraph.

Where has your focus been this year? Time to focus on your passion and drive it forward with precise purpose.  Where has it faltered? Did you start after goals this year only be to set back by things you hadn’t seen coming? Did you jump on an “opportunity” only to realize that it wasn’t all that you thought it’d be? I know I definitely did. But that does not mean I was completely off track either. There are no mistakes in life. Unveilings, maybe. Lessons definitely. Keep your eyes wide open and look back on this year to analyze where there were half truths or hard lessons in jumping to conclusions. This is your chance to regrip and reinvent. Cut the fat. Allow yourself to see the little details so that you are best prepared for the end of September. This includes operating on a clearer plane of Self, too.

Where have you let yourself get lazy, or slide from your purest form? Have you realized over the course of this year that maybe you are not all you thought you were? This should be read as an empowering question! Maybe it’s time to gain some clarity on your soul and accept who you are more simply. Now is the time to understand the magic of what’s inside so that when opportunity comes knocking you can step forward as a shining example of what makes you an individual.  Now is the time to let the distractions fall away so that your path is no longer cluttered. Let your integrity guide you back into alignment. In doing this, you will also be able to guide others by being your truth. 

It’s so important to understand how you guide others by living, and how you let them guide you. Chase after the relationships that elevate you, the people who bring you into a higher state of mind. How are you also feeding their soul? The collective as a whole is starving for the empowerment love brings. In knowing yourself, you can know others. Look into their eyes and see a reflection of you. Remember always how you’d want to be handled in their situation. Let them be a healing mirror and act accordingly. Who do you need to walk away from? What parts of yourself do you need to let go? Chances are you can’t find the answer to the first question without the other. Take this time to turn inward and reassess your experiences with others and understand the purpose of the relationship. Transmute it into a love inspired interaction as best you can. Living in line with loving relationships will only help cater to your soul movement. Create a tribe of support and acceptance around you. Give yourself the chance to be the leader of your life, give others the chance to help you in a positive manner.

Mercury Retrograde can be very productive, really. Even more so in Virgo, the lady of purity. So purify your perspective. Instead of focusing on how things didn’t work out as you planned, and letting these road blocks defeat you, let this time be an opportunity to take those lessons and develop a hyper-realized plan of attack. The genius of Virgo is slipping into your opportunities, so you may as well lean on this sign’s perfected brilliance and use it to your benefit. Wrap up old training so that you are best prepared for all the new beginnings that are simultaneously being incubated. Now is the time to slow the rapid fire, take a detailed look at what’s been burned and what’s regrowing. Polish what was tarnished by the ash of experience. Then you can redirect the flames of passion with strength and precision.

And remember….

Everything is an empathic truth, a subjective interpretation. Even the pull of the moon, or the magnetic force of a slowing planet. Use this as a guiding outline to your own truth, your own definition. Nothing is ever concrete.


Star Child Diaries: Full (Moon) Recovery and Transitional Manifesting

I would have liked to write about the full moon before it happened, but I was too caught up in the magic. Being that it was in my moon sign of Pisces, I wanted to go into this experience with eyes wide open and heart exposed. One of the most important things to remember is to experience your life as it stands before you. The rest can wait. Sharing can wait. Social media can wait.

Did any of you find the past weekend to be a little crazy? Were emotions running to the extremes? Maybe you flew off the handle into the star studded realm of day dreams? I know I experienced moments of hopelessness, where I sat wondering how all that I was seeing in front of me would ever come to fruition. There were times when I thought I had lost the opportunity to taste the dreams just out of reach. I chose to keep faith and stay in my center, regardless. I chose to believe that all would work out just as it was supposed to. And it did. The restraints fell away and I finished off the weekend in unimagined bliss. There were so many intensely wonderful moments that I woke up Monday feeling a little exhausted and overwhelmed from all that had transpired. I had run an emotional and sensory marathon.

It is so important to allow yourself the time to process such intense experiences, and to give yourself time to savor the details. Understanding the timeline of events that happened over last weekend will only better prepare you for what’s to come this week. The Equinox is tomorrow, marking a momentous time in our realities. Tonight is for reflection.

Mercury Rx in Virgo is closing out. As an interior thinker, I don’t know if it affected me as intensely as others, but I do know I spent a lot of time contemplating the details of my life and my manifestations. As I had mentioned, it was a time to understand what you are seeking out of your life and to scrutinize your plan for bringing these desires to you. What is your conclusion? What have you decided to do? How have you decided to achieve it? What experiences in the past three weeks have brought you enlightenment? What did your conflicts or struggles teach you? I like to think that the past three weeks were like creating vision boards, and the weekend was the experience that allowed you to shift from visualization to manifestation. Take note of what happened over the weekend as it is what you are rapidly manifesting as a theme for your future reality. Find the guidance, recap on what’s been brought to your attention, and make some final plans before Monday.

I have spent yesterday and today revisiting the weekend and I feel like I have literally jumped realities. Old memories are faded and far away, like a dream I can barely remember. Massive healing and awakening occurred by the ocean of San Clemente, and I know it was no coincidence I spent the weekend near the water. I have decided to take the most beautiful parts of this weekend with me into the transitions ahead of us. This has been a hard year for me, and most of us. Now is a good time to shake it off. You have learned what you needed and you are about to step through a new threshold. Be careful what you decide to take with you for it is going to stick around. Do you feel that sense of new beginnings near by? Are you starting to receive a little clarity on your soul path? Starting to get an idea of what the hell you’re doing? Then you are on track. If not, take this time to think. To meditate. To awaken. Soon you won’t feel so stuck, so unable to move forward.

This year’s fall equinox has Libra’s kiss all over it. Perhaps the most important theme to consider is the relationships you are mirroring, for that is what you will carry with you for some time to come. What kind of people do you want to bring into your new reality? What kind of people do you desire to connect with? Envision your dream, include only the best people around you. It’s time to make a hard definition of what you need and don’t need in your life, including the energy of the relationships around you. This is a time for departing and uniting, be wise about who you choose to do what with. I don’t want this to sound like a dark omen, because it is far, far from that. In fact, with the arrival of the equinox on Thursday, comes a certain brilliance and positivity. Look to these questions with stars in your eyes. Look around at what you’ve manifested for yourself in this very moment. I feel certain that there is a sense of beauty when you look to your future and you have every right to hang on to that feeling.

This year has been a year of letting go, and things not working out. We are finally moving towards forward movement and life changing opportunities. Call to this weekend asking for miracles and you just may receive them, if you are ready. Sunday is an opportunity for divine experience. Do you have a dream you’ve wanted to see fulfilled? Make a step toward it in whatever way is possible. Expect the wondrous and unexpected. Stay open to chance meetings,  holy reception, eternal connection, and all that you never could have imagined materialize in front of you. This is a week to follow your intuition and to let go of hesitation, let the push you feel take you into higher ground. I have foreseen the themes for myself this week, and come Monday I may feel brave enough to share the journey I started in April. But in the meantime, I will leave you with some questions to help focus you before the magic begins. Go outside, be in peace. Write the answers down, make them physically in your reality and be aware of what you are creating. Be true to who you are. Monday we step through the door, bringing these things into our new future.

Who are you? 

What do you want? 

What kind of world do you wish to create?

What kind of relationships do you want to be surrounded by? 

What is most valuable to you? 

Remember, there are no wrong answers. Only the truth.

Star Child Diaries: Once Upon The End, Standing Between Worlds


Change is in the air. I know you feel it. Maybe something happened this week that changed your routine, your perspective, your life. Now you’re left thinking about the chain of events that have brought you to this Now. I think it’s so significant that it’s raining here, as we move into a water sign known for its cleansing and healing powers. There’s this inner urgency to do something about what you’re feeling, yet it seems like there’s a fog impairing your view. Maybe this weekend is about taking some time to sit within and really be honest about the themes you are stuck on. Find the silver lining in an otherwise weird, and uncomfortable adjustment.

I find this post hard to write because I feel like this is a very individual and specific time for reflection. Only you are going to be able to dissect the themes I suggest below. For me, it has been a lot about making sure my life is fulfilling and my passions are involved in building my future. I have taken a lot of time to research and listen to different aspects and different voices to create a suggested list of themes occurring around the world to offer a condensed and simplified perspective that might help you align with yourself (this is my passion, creating connection).

Grab a hot cocoa and snuggle under your blanket for a little you time….

Ego and Ego Projection. Have you been feeling like you need a total redo? Have you outgrown who you’ve been and the friends you run with? Have you been gaining a greater vision on your purpose in this world? The people in your life will come and go, try not to focus on the drama or loss. Understand that it’s all a part of your growth and evolution as a soul. New chapters are upon you and so much of it will be tied into the people you choose to surround yourself with. Keep your mind on positive, forward movement. Who will best reflect this new you?

Focus. Have you been feeling out of alignment with yourself? Have you lost sight of your goals and who you are? Maybe you felt like you’ve been stuck. Or instead of doing the work to change, you kind of just turned your head to the issues that needed to be taken care of. Now is the time to get back to your Self. Trust in who you are, the goals you want, and in the people who can help get you there. Realign to trust and love. By loving yourself, you will mirror love in others. Find your joy and express it, trusting that the relationships around you will also heal and benefit from this. This is a wake up call. Look in the mirror and realize you are your reality and the relationships around you. Shift and all will shift with you.

Valuing Vision. Is there something missing in your reality? Maybe on paper everything seems perfect, but you just aren’t feeling completed. Take some time to look at your future and long term goals. Is your present genuinely aligning with the life you wish to have? Be honest about what you truly want. Look into your heart, then look around. Perhaps the people you surround yourself with do not share a like mind. Find people who can take you to the places you want to go. You are so close to manifesting all that you desire, stay true to yourself and look upon your reality with an honest heart.

Movement and Responsibility. Sometimes we get so caught up in our relationships we forget they do not define us. You define yourself, and it’s time to do that on your own again. What are you doing to make sure you are living your truthful expression? Your satisfaction is your responsibility, it’s time to get to work. Make a chore list and start checking off goals. No one is going to do it for you, and you really can have all that you desire. As long as you’re willing to get there on your own two feet.

Passion. Are you really happy in the life you’re living? Take some time to look at where you’ve been. Have you truly left behind the past or is there something lingering in the back of your mind that you still need to deal with. Maybe it’s a passion you’ve been ignoring and misinterpreted, or an old relationship you still need to learn from. Dig deep this time and really look at yourself and your patterns. Look at your desires. You are a powerful entity. Trust that the Universe will provide for you the moment you can clearly understand what to ask for. Look at the big picture and find the missing pieces before jumping into the wishing well.

Subjective Guidance. Listen to the message of your emotions. Are there parts of your life that have been feeling uncomfortable? Have you noticed dynamics changing between you and the people around you? Trust in yourself and move into what feels right. Trust the push that is calling you towards a higher destiny. Don’t overthink it and don’t assume it won’t last. Give yourself a break and be proud of the work you’ve accomplished and the reality you’ve built. Quit the self judgement and focus on the light brought by positive influence. Use your intuition to guide you.

Healthy Communication. With yourself and others. Take a good look around you and see how your relationships are affecting your mental and physical health. Are you holding on when you should be letting go and how is that damaging your ability to be in the right place? You have the chance to expand and move forward with the knowledge you hold, but it’s your choice to take action or stay stagnant. Communicate to yourself what you wish to improve, and then use that message to let others help you in a supportive and loving manner. They’re unwilling? Maybe it’s time to have an honest talk about their inclusion in your reality.

Higher Frequency.  Know your worth. Just because you have all that you want doesn’t mean its value is as high as it could be. Is your reality reflecting the frequency of your soul? Take stock of what you have and dig a little deeper. Look past the material wealth and make sure you are manifesting things that will bring you to the best possible level of satisfaction. Challenge yourself to see the ethereal meaning behind the things you wish to obtain in this life. Your ability is endless and the itch that keeps you up at night is entirely important to realizing how to get there.

Foundation Fortress. How do you want to express yourself? Maybe you’ve been doing a lot of soul searching the past week. Where are you going and what are you going to do? What is it that you want out of life? Has your core been shaken? Has the structure of home and family been shaken up? Perhaps it’s time to walk away from the emptiness of the past and rebuild your new foundations. It’s hard to get up from rock bottom and recreate what your heart is aching for, but doing nothing produces nothing. What your heart yearns for is worth protecting, is worth going after. Take some time to rebuild in the right place.

Expectation. You thought you had it all figured out, right? The plan was so clear, there shouldn’t have been any deviations. Yet here you stand and nothing went the way you had planned. Understand that the process is as important as the destination. Practicing flexibility is vital to learning the lesson of the journey. Who cares how you get to where you’re going as long as you get there? So many new rewards could be brought to you if you remain open to the unexpected. Let go of what didn’t happen the way you wanted. Allow the universe to guide you into new territory so that you may arrive at your goal in the best manner possible. A way you could have never imagined. Make some space for possibility.

Perspective. Remember Yin and Yang. Remember the balance. Don’t allow the high of all your powerful manifesting come crashing down because of one trip up or negative experience. Challenge yourself to stay in the center of all the good things that are happening. Don’t feed into false arrogance to block yourself from the opportunity to learn in loss. Instead, change your perspective on what you view as negative. Maybe something had to fall apart in order for something better to fall together. Maybe you have to let go of something to make room for improvement. Have a little faith in the power of your manifesting ability, and remember what you’ve wished for. Take an unbiased approach to what’s happening around you. If something falls apart, there’s a good chance that it wasn’t really working for you anyway. So let yourself get rid of it, let yourself make room for something better, even if you don’t know what it is yet. Amazing things come to us in ways we least expect it.

Navigating Limbo. Do you feels stuck between what has happened and what’s coming next? Use this time to cleanse yourself from what no longer serves you and meditate on the tomorrow you wish to create. Guide yourself through the transition with a focused vision of your next chapter. Keep it simple, and don’t get lost in the commotion of change. Shed skin, cleanse yourself of distractions and outdated patterns. Prepare yourself for the new experience. Create a goal. Take one step at a time. Focus. Breathe. The unease of the in between never lasts as long as we think it will and you have to use this time to be certain about which world you will enter next.


If you made it to the bottom, I have one last general idea to share. Remember we are all going through it. Sensitivity is high in transitions and we are all feeling a little naked and exposed. Stay centered, stay calm. Do not look to anger to inspire you. Do not let the process overwhelm you into jumping timelines before you can see the path. Be kind to others and to yourself and I think you will be amazed at the results that come from it. Change has the ability to be abrupt and shocking, so make sure you’re utilizing that for your highest good. Magic is in the air….